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  Link   Video studio hire in Australia
Video studio or equipment hire to the photographic, film and television industries in Australia. Dragon Image is the one stop solution. Hire best photo studio & services from highly qualified professionals.
Great new website listing of photo-shoot locations, mainly in London
New online directory of photographic studios for hire in London
  Link   TV-bay
Great online marketplace for broadcast, film and video equipment sales
  Link   Red One user group
  Link   Leica digital module R user forum
  Link   Leica M8 user forum
  Link   Zeiss Ikon official website
  Link   Canon UK official website
  Link   EOS magazine
The only magazine totally dedicated to all things EOS!
  Link   Epson RD-1
A dedicated forum to the first digital rangefinder camera
  Link   Cosina-Voigtlander unofficial user community site
  Link   Reid Reviews
Universally respected, completely unbiased equpment reviews. Totally ad-free!
  Link   APUG: Analog Photography Users Group
  Link   Rangefinder forum (worryingly addictive)
  Link top site for oldskool 35mm. SLR!
  Link   Photonet
  Link   UKLFPG
UK Large Format Photography Group
  Link   Large format photography info
  Link   Arca info site: otherwise hard-to-find data as Arca donít have a website!
  Link   LHSA
formerly Leica Historical Society of America
  Link   The Leica Society
  Link   Leica Users Group
  Link   Nikon UK official website
  Link   Nikon Historical Society
  Link   Nikonians: superfriendly Nikon community!
  Link   Nikon Owner Magazine
  Link   Nikon Passion: interesting French-speaking Nikon site
  Link   More Nikon links
  Link   Willem Photographic: huge stock of fine photographs from legendary photographers-and they're all for sale!
  Link motion picture camera people, news and resources
  Link   Les Bosher: motion picture lens and camera conversions
  Link   .Ajax Net Photos - Ajax Picture Library - Ajax Editions: pictures on line, picture library, stock photography, Leica books
  Link   Ajax Net Photos Blogspot
  Link   oneworldmarket: if you like the design of this site, call them now!
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